A place to put all my random doodles, detailed as fuck pictures and anything I draw!
Also a place to order commissions!

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sometimes i do dumb doodles of OC’s when I should be working on other stuff

slowly but surely learning how to body

It Nitra agaiinnn

Commission for starvingfartist ! Ask-thegakuenghost Chibi 

Kore :U -Julio

Kita - Gil

Lanni - NPC by our DM Frank

Kore and Nitra are my babies :U she also had shorter hair at the time I drew this


I love our DnD Characters

Nitra - Me (drunk)

Kita - Gil (drunk fuzz head)

Kore - Julio (not drunk panda)



Me too Nitra, me too…

Evolution of Nitra Pyrose

from 17 years to 28 years

Drew my DnD Character.

Also took me awhile to figure out her hair color and skin color…

Still messing around with it ene;;

Art collab with owynsama concerning her space/spades stuff.

she wanted to redesign ish and wanted me to help -v-

Message me at sparceartcommission@yahoo.com! <3 

All fandoms welcome! 

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